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Pre-paid Funerals

Planning ahead for a funeral is an excellent plan. As with most things in life, good preparation makes everything easier. And dealing with the already difficult issue of losing a loved one is certainly an area where preparation, in the form a pre-paid funeral, makes perfect sense.
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A Pre-Paid Funeral is where a funeral is paid for with a funeral director of your choosing. Your funds are held in a funeral fund registered with NSW Department of Fair Trading. A contract is written up and the funeral plan would include details about how the funeral would proceed place.
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A Funeral Bond is when a person pays for their own funeral, usually a deposit followed by monthly instalments. This is a managed investment that earns interest. There is a maximum contribution limit on funeral bonds—currently $13,250 (1 July 2019, changing every 1 July). Bond payout can only be made after the person dies and will be the value of the investment at the time.
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Funeral Insurance, as with most insurance, involves regular amounts ('premiums’) paid to an insurer. The insurer pays a set amount of money, upon the insured’s death, to the nominated beneficiary. Funeral Insurance works better in some circumstances than it does in others. For example, increasing premiums over time might prove less manageable than at the outset.
We will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of these pre-paid funeral options.

Pre-paying for a funeral by instalments, makes taking care of funeral costs less burdensome and more affordable than doing it in one lump sum at the time of the passing.

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