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Compassion and care are our focus here at Godfrey Smith Funerals. We manage our responsibilities with uncompromising respect for all who are involved.

No one can fully comprehend your loss after the death of a loved one. A funeral worthy of them is certainly in order, however, the pressure of planning it should not fall on your shoulders.

Your guarantee of invaluable assistance is the compassionate team at Godfrey Smith Funerals. We can be here for you every step of the way to ensure you get the service you want without the stress of bearing the load on your own.

We offer a range of funeral and service options that provide genuine solutions to honouring your loved one in ways that will leave you feeling at peace.

Making sure your loved one has a dignified and respectful sendoff does not have to mean severe financial stress. We also have budget-friendly options that will reduce the impact.
We can guide you through the entire process, helping you find options you’ll feel comfortable with. We’ll help you manage it all within your budget.

You have our full support, whenever and however you need it. We can lift the burden from your shoulders, handling the entirety of the planning if you prefer. Your role can be absolutely minimal. You can also make the final decisions wherever you choose.

We're available at all times—365 days a year—well beyond just helping with the options for the service.

At Godfrey Smith Funerals, you’ll have a shoulder to lean on. You’ll find here a sympathetic ear and an open heart.
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